Pond liners and outdoor paternosters – especially hardened for outdoor use

We offer paternosters with galvanized or hot – dip galvanized components for the use in garden centres and outdoors.

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Pond liners and outdoor paternosters are suitable for garden centres or outdoor use. Both solutions have a higher proportion of galvanized or hot – dip galvaniezed components as corrosion protection. A completely hot-dip galvanized version of all essential components is possible at an extra charge. Additionally, galvanized roof constructions, hot-dip galvanized cutting devices and other accessories are available.

Pond liners, outdoor and lawn carpet paternosters are based on our standard paternosters and have a modular system. They can be individually adapted to the local conditions. They differ in terms of payload and roll diameter.

The pond liner paternoster is designed for a higher payload. It is identical in construction to the paternoster for PVC.

The outdoor or lawn carpet paternoster, on the other hand, corresponds in its basic construction to the carpet roll paternoster. This means it is designed to storage large roll diameters of up to 700 mm.

There is no difference in terms of safety. All paternosters in this field are TÜV/GS- certified and EMP tested.

  • modular system allows maximum flexibility
  • roller suspension in hollow (bolt) pin chain at 50 mm intervals ensures the optimum use of the chain length
  • single-wheel redirection system together (in conjunction) with the eska scissor (suspensions/) hangers grant (results in small roller spacing and thus) maximum storage capacity
  • reinforced frame construction for higher payload (pond liners)
  • double drives from certain installation hights (pond liners)
  • painting of all components in any desired RAL colour possible – at no extra charge
  • side cladding without butt joint up to a construction height of 6 m (galvanized)
  • galvanized carrier tubes
  • complete hot-dip galvanizing of all essential components possible – at an extra charge
  • TÜV/GS–certified and EMP-tested