Special solutions

The modular construction system of our paternoster solutions allwos a wide range of applications- from shoes to large models in railway museums.

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We have developped a variety of special solutions for different purposes. Below is a small excerpt of what is possible:

Example 1: Paternoster for shoes and small leather goods

Clock -controlled paternoster, a real eye – catcher


For the retail trade we have designed paternosters for shoes and small leather goods. Small rolls of fabric PVC can also be stored with it and can be viewed continuously in the shop window at regular intervals. A real eye-catcher even after closing time.

Example 2: Olympiastadion Berlin / Olympic stadium Berlin

Storage of several hundred jackets in a very confined space


In very cramped conditions, two storage systems each for femal and male order personnel were required. eska equipped the „Marchhäuser“ (historic houses for the guards in earlier centuries), located on both sides of the supplier´s entrance, with two paternosters each for the storage of hanging garments. The security personnel can thus be quickly and easily equipped with the necessary clothing. In this way, several hundred jackets are stored for different tasks and for different seasons.

Example 3: Sample stock for denim fabrics

Paternoster in fashion – storage capacity for up to 1,500 rolls

A solution with a capacity of up to 1,500 rolls was developped for one of the world´s largest manufacturers of denim fabrics based in Turkey

For this purpose, 15 double paternosters, each 7 m high and with 2 rolls per carrier set are used. Folding guards ensure easy storage. In addition, three paternosters are operated by a specially designed cutting machine. It allows a fabric width of 2m. 

In this way, several hundred sample deliveries with fabrics can be sent to customers worldwide every day.

Example 4  Eisenbahnmuseum Nürnberg / Nuremberg Railway Museum

Ticket to Ride – Paternoster for large models in the railway musum

We had more space for the development of a paternoster for large models in the railway museum in Nuremberg. Besides, a lot of fun. 

Further references are available on request.