TÜV-certified shelf inspections

As a certified shelf inspector, we offer to do the annual TÜV-certified shelf inspections according to DIN EN 15635.

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The danger of a a shelf collapsing is often underestimated. Serious accidents with personal injury and material damage as well as high repair costs are the result. A regular inspection of the racking systems is absolutely necessary and also required by law.

The European standard DIN EN 15635 as well as the Industrial Safety Regulation §10 require the operator to have the racking systems regularly inspected by a competent person. Furthermore, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health obliges the operator to inspect the racking systems in sence of occupational safety and health. This racking inspectation must be carried out at least once a year by a competent person according to BGR 234.

The following racks are subject to inspectation:

  • shelf and pallet racks
  • cantilever racks
  • drive-in-racks, flow racks, drive-through racks
  • multi-storey shelves

As a certified shelf inspector, we offer a manufacturer-independent, TÜV-certified shelf inspection.

Our service include:

  • visual inspection of the racking systems
  • comparsion with the specifications of the load tags
  • material control of the essential shelf parts
  • preparation of a test report
  • inspectation badge