George – our royal solution for small parts storage

With George, we are expanding our product portfolio with an innovative storage tower solution that is ideal for small parts and allows rapid access. 

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For quite some time we have wanted to offer a flexible solution for small parts storage in addition to our paternosters. 

Instead of using shelves, as was previously the case, our „George“ storage tower can be used to store screws, tools or electrial components in individual boxes to save space. Up to 50 kg per container are possible. Depending on the height and weight of the boxes, the access time is max. 40 seconds.

Storage tower as temporary storage

With George you can also optimize your production processes, for example to temporarily store produced parts in our storage tower for drying. You can then assign a time code to the corresponding containers/boxes, so that the parts can only be removed after a pre-defined time. George also offers password protection to prevent shrinkage due to incorrect storage or theft.


– storage of small parts in individual containers /boxes (up 50 kg per container)

– fast storage and removal allowed (depending on the height of max 40 seconds)

– enables safe and fatigue-free working

– simple operation via touch screen

  • theft protection or use as a hazardous materials warehouse through password-protected access
  • connectoin to a merchandise management system possible
  • use as temporary storage facility by time code for withdrawal
  • dust-protected storage through full enclosure

Detailed information about the different versions can be found in our product sheet.