Used machines

We have more than 50 used devices from our own production on offer.

We exclusively offer used equipment from our own production. In this way we can guarantee to cover future spare part(s) requirements.

All machines are taken over stock in our warehouse in Eichenzell, checked and reworked with original components. If requested by the customer, they are completely or partially rapainted before delivery.

We provide a 12-month warranty for refurbished machines from our production. Of course, the used machines comply with the specifications of the TÜV /GS test and the requirements of the European Machinery Directive (MID). You can find more information about MID here.

Important information for the purchase of a used machine

  1. Used paternoster systems that are left in the original delivery and professionally reassembled retain their original CE declaration. This also applies if the manufacturer is no longer active.
  2. Modifications, in particular increases in the height of paternoster systems, generally represent a significant change to the original delivery in the sense of the European Machinery Directive. The CE-declaration expires, the supplier becomes the manufacturer and must prepare a new CE-declaration corresponding to the modification, including the modified documentation.

Therefore, when purchasing used paternoster systems, make sure that a CE – declaration of the original manufacturer or supplier, including the documentation to the supplied, is enclosed. Furthermore, check whether the machine data has been transferred correctly and completely.

Important: If you accept the delivery and assembly of a machine without a valid CE declaration, the responsibility in case of an accident with material damage and / or personal injury is solely with you as operator. In case of doubt, we strongly recommend to ask your responsible trade association or the responsible employee of the trade supervisory authority or the office for industrial safety.